Energy Efficient Attic Insulation

If you've ever shaved your head and been surprised how chilly you are, you're on your way to becoming a building scientist. Heat rises. No surprises there, especially if your kids have ever fought over the top bunk only to realize they're sweating through their pajamas in the middle of July. Homeowners often have similar disillusions about their own attic insulation because of misunderstandings in how insulation functions.  But don't worry, we're here to break it down for you. 

Our expert insulators are here to listen, educate and serve. Whether you want to convert your attic into living space, create a beautiful cathedral ceiling, or increase your R-value to lower your energy bill, our teams are standing by to help.


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Fast Facts

  • R-Value is a measure of how well a material resists the flow of heat. The higher the R-Value, the better the insulation.

  • Fiberglass insulation is a popular choice among home owners. Fiberglass is a budget friendly option to increasing your home's R-value. Blown-in fiberglass settles over time, becoming less effective at doing its job. Degradation of fiberglass insulation starts after 15 years of installation. If you are purchasing a home, it is important to inspect the attic for settling.

  • Spray Foam insulation is the best insulation material on the market today for homeowners. It's high R-value and air sealing properties ensure homes are running at peak energy efficiency. Spray foam does not degrade and unlike other forms of insulation, pests and insects cannot nest in the material. 

  • Get a hold on mold. Mold grows in attics that are improperly insulated, have poor ventilation, or leak. Proper insulation can help prevent mold growth and increase indoor air quality. 

  • Vapor Barriers are a must. In fact, homes in Wisconsin and Illinois are required to have a vapor barrier to meet standard building code. Spray foam insulation provides a natural vapor barrier, making it an idyllic insulation solution. Or, homeowners can opt for a plastic tarp to act as their moisture barrier. 

"From the beginning, Diversified Insulation treated me with respect and courtesy; they were responsive to my questions; responded quickly to my time demands; and did a GREAT job on the work itself! I am very pleased with the service and would recommend them to others without hesitation." - Robert 5/17/20


"Planned on getting multiple quotes for our attic insulation removal and replacement but after meeting with Diversified Insulation we looked no further. Their staff is professional and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend this company." - Lance R 10/11/20


Common Questions

How can I determine if I have adequate insulation in my attic? Our technicians use FLIR thermal cameras to detect air leaks and gauge a home's level of energy efficiency. For most homes in Wisconsin and Illinois, a thermal camera gives enough information to make a well-informed decision. For a full scope diagnosis, you can purchase a blower door to evaluate the air leaks in your home.

What R-value does my home need? The US Department of Energy recommends that proper attic insulation ranges between R49 and R60. The majority of homes built before 1990 fail to meet code, which results in high energy consumption (and costs!). 

Can I insulate the attic myself? We love DIY projects as much as the next handy man, but we highly recommend hiring an insured professional. Our team will assess your attic for mold, water damage, settling, and anything else that may seem out of place. (Oh, we've got stories- racoons, detached HVAC systems, black mold and more). The Diversified Insulation team will ensure you have the highest level of energy efficiency for the best price while taking care of problems that may be impacting your family's health. 

How Will Insulating My Attic Benefit Me?

The graphic below is a simple demonstration of how air flows through a home. In winter, cold air seeps through windows, doors and gaps in your home's exterior (outlets, unconditioned crawl spaces, etc). Heating systems work hard to push buoyant warm air through the home, which rises towards the roof. The R-value of the attic determines how quickly the heat escapes your home.

Professional insulation installation can decrease the amount of heat loss in your home during winter, which enables what the Diversified team likes to call, "The Diversified Domino Effect". Because your space is properly insulated your heating system will run less frequently. Because your heating system runs less they will last longer AND you will have a lower energy bill. The same can be said for air conditioning systems in the summer.


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Convert Your Attic

Diversified Insulation specializes in converting attics into usable living space while simultaneously increasing energy efficency and indoor air quality. In recent trend, homeowners in Wisconsin are clearing out old insulation from the attic and adding spray foam insulation directly to the roof decking to create a bonus room. This bonus room allows for a quiet home office or play room for children. Another option when remodeling your home is to create a cathedral ceiling. Often, cathedral ceilings lack proper insulation are energy inefficient. The results are high heating bills, drafty rooms and inconsistent ambient air temperatures. You can bypass these issues upfront when creating a cathedral ceiling by insulating with Diversified Insulation.


Check out this image of a home remodel in Franklin, Wisconsin. The homeowners removed their living room ceiling and exposed the attic to create a beautiful cathedral ceiling. Our crew came in and sprayed 3 inches of closed cell foam onto the roof decking. By air sealing this room, the homeowners are experiencing comfortable ambient air temperatures, lower energy bills and improved indoor air quality. 

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Service Areas

Based out of Burlington, Wisconsin, Diversified Insulation provides services to the following Wisconsin counties: Milwaukee, Waukesha, Jefferson, Kenosha, Racine, Walworth, Washington, Dodge and Ozaukee. We are proud to serve industrial facilities and commerical businesses as far north as Manitowoc, Madison, Fon Du Lac, Sheboygan, Door County, and Columbia Wisconsin. We also serve residents of Fontana, Williams Bay, Lake Geneva, Mequon, Muskego, West Allis, New Berlin, Greendale, Franklin, East Troy, Whitewater, Elkhorn, Delavan, Union Grove, Burlington, Wind Point, Sturtevant, Franklin, Pleasant Prairie and Salem.

We also service areas in Illinois including McHenry, Winnebago and Lake County. Inclduing Cook County, DuPage, Kane and northern Chicago suburbs. Residents of Antioch Illionis and surrounding cities including Wadsworth, Winthrop Harbor, Zion, Rockford, Lindenhurst, Lake Villa, Round Lake, Waukegan and Richmond are also within our service zones.

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