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Your home’s crawl space probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think about improving energy efficiency, but it has more of an impact than you might think. In fact, crawl spaces—which are known for being damp and musty—can affect your whole-home health and comfort, too! 

At Diversified Insulation, we understand the importance of crawl space maintenance to ensure the area stays dry and protected from the elements. As a part of our residential services, we offer several crawl space solutions throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, including insulation, air sealing, and encapsulation. 

How Your Crawl Space Affects Your Home 

Crawl spaces are often left exposed to the outside, leaving them vulnerable to moisture issues, pest infestation, and indoor air quality pollutants. Unfortunately, any problems that occur in a crawl space will eventually make their way into your living spaces, especially if your home is poorly insulated and has air leaks. Uninsulated crawl spaces will also allow conditioned air to easily escape, which will lead to high energy bills all year long. 

Diversified Insulation takes these issues seriously, and our team can provide a reliable solution that will improve your comfort, home health, and energy efficiency. 

Crawl Space Solutions from Diversified Insulation 

We start every project with an on-site assessment, which gives our team the opportunity to understand your home’s specific needs and make recommendations that will provide results. Some crawl spaces have concrete walls, others are vented, while some are completely exposed with dirt floors. Every crawl space is different and we utilize our years of experience and building science knowledge to ensure that we accurately solve any issues you’re experiencing in your home. 

For crawl spaces, Diversified Insulation offers insulation, air sealing, or comprehensive encapsulation services.

  • Insulation helps prevent heat transfer in and out of your crawl space, drastically improves your HVAC performance, and leads to more comfort throughout your entire home. Insulation will also help keep your crawl space at a more consistent temperature, protecting any stored belongings and pipes from freezing during the winter.

  • Air sealing cuts off points of entry for common pests and pollutants that can infiltrate through gaps in your rim joists and other areas of air leakage. We like to use closed-cell spray foam insulation in crawl spaces because it works to both insulate and air seal while helping to create a stronger home structure.  

  • Crawl space encapsulation includes both insulation and air sealing, but adds on a vapor barrier for enhanced protection from moisture intrusion. Encapsulation is a good option for homes with high humidity levels or recurring moisture problems. We may also recommend installing a dehumidifier if your crawl space is excessively damp.    

Since 2013, Diversified Insulation has been helping home and business owners throughout the Burlington, WI area and Northern Illinois make their buildings more comfortable and affordable to heat and cool. As third-generation insulation contractors, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality services and confidently stand behind our work. 

Our team is known throughout our service area for providing excellent customer service, and we even stay up to date on the latest rebates and incentives available to help you lower the cost of fundamental home performance upgrades, like our crawl space services.

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