Comprehensive Basement Insulation

The Diversified Insulation team has years of experience developing customized insulation solutions to meet homeowners specific needs. When it comes to basement and rim joist insulation, you can be sure that you will experience superior customer service and quality in a timely manner. Our teams are trained to be quick, clean and courteous for your satisfaction. Schedule an estimate online or over the phone now to talk with our experts.

In most Wisconsin homes, basements tend to be damp in the summer and cold in the winter. For homeowners looking to utilize their basements as living space, it is crucial to properly insulate basement walls for comfortable year-round living. Properly insulating your basement with our team of professionals will keep it cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and dry all year long. There are many different ways to insulate a basement, and our expert estimators will work with you to find an ideal solution for your home at the best price. Generally, we recommend homes spanning between Milwaukee, Lake Geneva and Kenosha County opt for closed cell spray foam on rim joists, box sills and basement walls if applicable. Benefits of insulating with closed cell spray foam include:

  • High R-Value​​
  • Rodent and insect resistant 
  • Consistent ambient air temperature 
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Provide a vapor barrier against moisture
  • Increases structural integrity
  • Reduces energy consumption

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"I called as I had a few spots in my house that seemed colder than others. Mike came out and pulled out his thermal camera to show where the cold areas were and confirmed my suspicion that there were some insulation issues that could be fixed. He gave me several options to pursue and how we could correct the problem. Mike was very good to work with, very professional and friendly. I would recommend using this company again as it was a very positive experience."- 1/15/21


"I love how promptly this company was able to come and give us an estimate. The other thing I appreciated was that once they gave us an estimate, they didn’t pressure us to make a decision. When we decided to go with them we were able to get a date for installation quickly. The guys were friendly, courteous and clean— Everything you look for in people working in your home! I would not hesitate to call them again!!" Lisa Thielke, 10/20/20

Box Sill and Rim Joist Insulation

Basement box sills and rim joists are a major source of energy loss. They are found where the walls of the home meet the foundation, around the perimeter of the basement ceiling. This area is the thinnest point of a home's exterior and is susceptible to air leaks. It can also be compromised by insects and rodents, which enter into the basement if not properly managed. Insulating basement rim joists and box sills with spray foam increases R-value, adds a vapor barrier and seals up air leakages in one step. When it comes to insulating with Diversified, there are a variety of insulation materials to choose from to reach the highest R-value for your budget. Often, our expert insulators recommend sealing air leakages in box sills with closed cell spray foam. For homeowners residing in northern Illinois and Wisconsin, where weather temperatures have sharp delta curves, closed cell spray foam aids in maintaining consistent ambient air temperatures. It also provides a vapor barrier and increases the structural integrity of your home. Overall, insulating the rim joists and box sills of your home can provide the following:



  • Increase the R-value
  • Save money on heating and cooling bills​
  • Prevent pests from entering your home
  • Maintain comfortable temperatures in your basement
  • Improve your IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)
  • Provide a vapor barrier against mildew and mold
  • Keeps basement clean and dry




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